When lead becomes gold, it is like the ego finding the higher self.

Alchemists turn lead into gold. As a Medium, I help you to transform the lead of your personality into the gold of your higher self.

About me

How on earth does a lawyer become a medium? My path is so crazy, I could write books and entertain you endlessly.


As a medium I give you the chance to get to know your true self, with all its shadow sides as well as your true greatness and infinite possibilities of your being and creation.

What’s stopping you from starting the journey of your lifetime…

My appreciation for Christophe and what he does defies words. To truly understand what I mean you have to feel him yourself. He has been all things – dear friend, motivator, mentor, advisor, guide, healer, brother. He has opened up worlds of appreciation, understanding and awareness well beyond anything I dared to think was possible. He is a beacon of light in happiness and despair alike.

David Luder

I am deeply impressed with what I have experienced in medial counseling with Christophe. For me Christophe is more than a consultant. I have experienced him as a companion who reaches out to people with much passion and heart and encourages them to take the next step. He passes on his extraordinary access to the spiritual world with much wisdom and mindfulness, so that I have always felt safe and comfortable. He meets people honestly and compassionately, which creates a beautiful and at the same time constructive breeding ground for further development.

He gave me a completely new perspective that changed my life in a beautiful direction that I thought I had lost. My gratitude cannot be put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monika Bassanello
Yoga Teacher

Rarely had I experienced such effective, efficient session. Christophe Foro gets to the heart of the matter. He recognizes the situation very quickly and is able to point out possible courses of action in a natural and motivating way. He has a natural talent to respond emphatically and with an alert mind to the client’s needs and to develop a winning atmosphere that encourages solutions.

Matthias Augustin

Anyone who is willing to take a closer look at themselves in the mirror and dive deeper into the complex world of the interrelationships of body, soul, spirit and their own origins should take a quantum leap with Christophe. His work is professional, always immediately to the point, rational as well as pragmatically underpinned. Christophe's medial power acts as an accelerator for one's self to quickly gain clarity.

Christophe is able to clearly mirror and visually demonstrate probabilities and possibilities. He is able to specifically work out connections and interrelationships with the other person. An immediate effect after the first session is guaranteed.

Colette Schilling