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daily thoughts





«I think that I am»

Our own perception is often a fake! Every day we think 60'000 thoughts. 5% run consciously. 95% run unconsciously.

Consequently, 95% of our thoughts are formed from our subconsciousness. There where our thinking and behavior patterns have their origin. These patterns are stored in us. These can develop disturbing programs, which have influence on our behavior and therefore our experiences.

What we do not see, feel, smell or taste is for many people not tangible and therefore usually difficult to believe. Our often very strongly anchored beliefs, to which we have been trimmed for years, do not allow our senses to see what is happening outside of our knowledge. We cannot see or perceive what we do not know because we do not believe it exists.

We all have senses, thoughts, feelings, experiences as well as knowledge. Over all the years we have anchored our value and belief system in our culture and environment. In the process, the self, the needs of the soul, often gets lost or fades into the background in our human consciousness. Through the medial sonication and partly unfiltered information procurement we are influenced in our values and judgments more than we can imagine or perceive directly. The hidden gifts and talents lie veiled or are encrusted because we have not trained, nurtured and cultivated them over a long time.

What is often forgotten and underestimated in everyday life is that our natural gifts, senses and perceptions really cry out when they are suppressed in our system. Our subconscious mind processes a lot of things that also want to be perceived. Since we do not want to let the subconsciously processed to the surface, this manifests itself in many people in health complaints such as sleep disorders, joint pain or back pain. The body reacts because the soul is not perceived by the mind. The ego takes up too much space and does not want to give way to the soul, the higher self. This is because we are afraid that we will have to give up a lot of things that we have laboriously worked for years to achieve. In other words, the ego tries to convince us not to follow our original instincts and gut feelings. It simply wants to stay in the comfort zone. There is nothing the ego detests more than change. But what actually prevents us from following our gifts and primal instincts?

I communicate with your subconsciousness and connect you with your higher self. Through my gift I can read impulses and their images in the information cloud - the system that encompasses all information. I translate these for you into tangible images and logically comprehensible examples. Thus, you can better understand everything and make yourself familiar with the still hidden possibilities.

«Who am I today?»

Your task is to gradually engage in the process - if possible, to throw all your perceptions into the balance - and to be ready to look at the previous life full of beliefs, material success and man-made values in a more differentiated way. Reflection in this case means the willingness to look authentically and honestly into the mirror to see also what seems unpleasant and painful for the moment.

Transformation to the higher self is an iterative process. Bringing hidden and underdeveloped gifts and talents to life is not a walk in the park, but more akin to climbing to a peak with a view. Our mirror image often only reflects what we want to see and are capable of seeing or what we know. But there is much more to discover in the mirror of our higher self. I help you to open the curtain to your higher self and to look through the veil to your hidden possibilities. I visualize and illustrate the insights for you, so that you can better grasp them at the beginning.

«Who will I be tomorrow?»

With my work I guide you with clear images and concrete analogies to your own vision. In a discreet and protected setting, I discuss with you your hidden gifts and talents. In doing so, I help you to come to a clear conviction of what you can tackle and implement in which steps in order to adjust your habitual behavioral and thinking patterns. First in small and tentative steps. As soon as you feel comfortable, in bolder and bigger steps. Ultimately, it is always you who decides when and where you want to go. I only show you your potential and the possibilities. You decide if, when and for what you want to use and develop your strengths.

This requires a look into inner self, your soul to see who you are and who you could be tomorrow. This includes becoming aware of toxic values, connections, relationships and old patterns. We also work out together who you no longer want to be and rigorously throw false ideas or misconceptions overboard. In this way, you consistently cut off unwanted and old pigtails and thereby gain a clearer view of your true self, which can be unfolded with courage, a free spirit and full potential.

«I want to be!»

In this phase you have identified your behavior and thinking patterns. You know what you no longer want and have formulated a vision for yourself. In my concrete pictures and examples, which I deliver to you, you can draw a vision board or record your thoughts. Be it in front of your mind's eye or on paper as well as on your work device. With it YOU manifest your new life design. It will help you to follow your vision and to practice it again and again. Use all your senses more consciously.

You will experience how you go through many phases of emotions. On the one hand to get rid of old patterns and on the other hand to get to know new ones and to trust in them. You connect the old with the new. You see other perspectives and are able to better understand your natural gifts like emotional intelligence, empathy, mind and heart and use them for your vision. But be aware: It requires honest and persistent work on yourself and continuous reflection on where you are right now.

«Now I am!»

Now you are! You have reached a new level - the level you strive for. Now you manifest your new ways of thinking and behaving and take your new attitude.

Our journey is never finished. We humans are all souls, which are all interconnected. There are no coincidences. There are only destinies, which we follow or not. Pure souls follow their destiny and trust in the elemental forces, follow their instincts and input. If you want to know more about it, I will be glad to give you information!