How on earth does a lawyer become a medium?

My path is so crazy, I could write books and entertain you endlessly.

From «Lawyer» to «Medium»


As a lawyer, banker and entrepreneur, I can look back on a picture-perfect career in the finance & consulting industry. In my long and very diversified career, I have met a wide variety of personalities both at home and abroad. I have spent half my life increasing money, increasing profits, driving companies to even more profit.

As a lawyer I lived in the fast lane in the first part of my career, seeking happiness in the material world. Growing up and raised in a golden cage, I defined my success in terms of luxury goods, meaningless consumption and strongly held beliefs.

Through a unique encounter in my midlife, I learned that material values contribute neither to love, peace nor happiness. This led to a radical transformation of myself. From then on, I dealt with my manifested behavior patterns (ego). Thus, I succeeded in reprogramming my beliefs and patterns of thinking and behavior, so that I was no longer able to define myself by social prestige or material values. I found my true values and myself.

Once I was at peace with myself, I gained access to true greatness. Thus, I recognized my gift, which today helps me as a medium to look behind the curtain, so to speak, into the cloud with all the stored and truly available information, which enables me to bring clarity into people’s lives, to support them in their further development and unfolding of their self.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind its faithful servant...... We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.Albert Einstein

My background is diverse

  • Master of Law, Switzerland
  • Master of Business Administration, Switzerland
  • Diploma Trust Management, England
  • Certified Spiritual Medium, Netherlands
  • Certified Transpersonal Coach, Germany
  • Certified Meditation Teacher, India
  • Father and Life Partner in Private
  • Business Owner, Lawyer and Creator in Business
  • World traveler in both worlds
  • Bilingual: German, English