Michel Meyer, Banker


What always impresses me about Christophe is how he is able to create an atmosphere of trust and openness. This happens in a completely natural way and is therefore essential so that impressions, feelings, thoughts and also things that have been on your mind for a long time can be brought to light.

Christophe is very attentive and listens very well. Paired with his intellect and sensitivity, he is able to call things by their name without being pushed, because he proceeds with caution. Christophe gives thought-provoking impulses that do not simply fizzle out. They reverberate, animate and change… or better said, they develop me as a person and also as a leader.

Christophe, I thank you for these intensive exchanges. They are so enriching and valuable.

David Luder, Attorney


My appreciation for Christophe and what he does defies words. To truly understand what I mean you have to feel him yourself. He has been all things – dear friend, motivator, mentor, advisor, guide, healer, brother. He has opened up worlds of appreciation, understanding and awareness well beyond anything I dared to think was possible. He is a beacon of light in happiness and despair alike.

Daniel Tribaldos, Trustee

Christophe Foro is an outstanding personality. As a coach and consultant, he is able to grasp the initial situation of his counterpart correctly and to formulate the right solution approaches in a short time.

With his broad life experience, his interdisciplinary skills as well as his understanding of the supernatural, he brings results like no other.

Gilbert Torner, Entrepreneur


Christophe has coached and advised me in business matters over many years.  He has above-average perceptiveness and very quickly recognizes all interrelationships through his networked and strategic thinking. This enables him to show different points of view in order to recognize the right strategies and to implement them successfully.

Christophe can communicate very clearly and purposefully. Nevertheless, he leaves room to intuitively and sensitively explain things, which for me is an optimal balance and a big plus. It was always a pleasure for me to feel his enthusiasm and optimism as well as his untiring will to complete the tasks successfully and mentally harmoniously.

Matthias Augustin, Coach

Rarely had I experienced such effective, efficient coaching. Christophe Foro gets to the heart of the matter. He recognizes the situation very quickly and is able to point out possible courses of action in a natural and motivating way. He has a natural talent to respond emphatically and with an alert mind to the client’s needs and to develop a winning atmosphere that encourages solutions.

Dr. med. Patrick Kugelmeier, Medical Doctor

I was able to experience coaching from Christophe and was impressed by his ability to bring inspiration and mind together.

I found it very valuable to be able to strengthen the connection to my inner compass in order to make the best sustainable decisions.

In this and other areas, Christophe is insightful and encouraging so that one’s path becomes clearer and stronger.

Monika Bassanello, Yoga Teacher

I am deeply impressed with what I have experienced in medial counseling with Christophe. For me Christophe is more than a consultant. I have experienced him as a companion who reaches out to people with much passion and heart and encourages them to take the next step. He passes on his extraordinary access to the spiritual world with much wisdom and thoughtfulness, so that I have always felt safe and comfortable. He meets people sincerely and benevolently, which creates a beautiful and at the same time constructive breeding ground for further development.

He gave me a completely new perspective that changed my life in a beautiful direction that I thought I had lost. My gratitude cannot be put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nathalie Sigrist, Wealth Advisor

Your reading was an absolute enrichment for me. Recognizing who I am and who I want to be have enriched me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and for the fact that meeting you is the beginning of an incredible journey that I would never have dared to take if you had not motivated me.

Tania Bigaignon, Real Estate Agent

I met Christophe through my best friend who had a wonderful experience with her reading.

Christophe and I had a session over the phone given that I live in Australia and WOW!!
The way Christophe interpreted my dreams, my hopes and the “issues” I was already aware of were amazing.

It was reminder that I was on the right track and to be patient and persevere. I have been applying all the advice and insights he provided in my day to day life and I am grateful for the time he provided. Christophe was also very calm, passionate and more importantly accurate. Highly recommended for whatever situations you find yourself in. Thank you Christophe!

Florian Winberger, Apprentice

Without me saying a word, Christophe recognized exactly what was going on in me and my environment. He gave me courage and broadened my horizon enormously.

Christophe has shown me my path and direction in times of change. To me he’s a cross between Gandalf and Bruce Wayne. A supporter and a fighter for one in every cause. Many thanks.

Steve Graf, Free Spirit

For the last 4 years of my life I have been suffering from a severe depression and it seems that nothing is going forward.

Of all the healers and kinesiologists and therapists I have visited, I can say that Christophe’s assessment has triggered by far the most in me. This probably has to do with the purity of his intention and his clarity.

It is unbelievable with what precision Christophe hits the nail on the head with his “intuition” and all this without any prior knowledge about me. It was as if he knew me all my life in the deepest detail and picked me up exactly where I am at the moment.

My inner critic could not resist for long the field that formed in the room and already an incredible atmosphere was created that let the information dock deep at the root of the problem.

In any case, I am able to manage now to keep the confidence even in difficult moments, which was not possible for me before.

What I could take with me from this day is priceless and I will never forget it. I am sure that everyone, no matter where they stand, will benefit maximally from a visit with Christophe.

Thank you Dear Christophe!

Yasmine Sofia, Volunteer

A look into the soul – Christophe has managed, without ever having met me, to put into words much of what I knew somewhere deep inside and to hold it up to me as a mirror.

There are small details, thoughts that no one could ever know, which he could partly even reflect to me in my own words. But which I would never have dared to express myself.

A wake-up call, a kick in the butt, a loving motivation. Something that shakes you deeply because you hear your own truth from the mouth of a stranger and something that touches you deeply because you are suddenly reminded again what you actually came here for.

Anna Kohnke, Student

The conversation with Christophe changed my whole perspective on life. It didn’t happen all at once, but was a process and it still is. I have gained numerous insights and if I were to tell about them, I would have to write half a book about them. To put it briefly, my greatest epiphany was that we create our own reality and are therefore solely responsible for ourselves. If you really understand and internalize this sentence, you are halfway there. Because, although we have come to many realizations, the moment will come when we have to put them into practice. When you are about to jump, all the fears and doubts come up and you decide all by yourself whether to jump or not.

I realized that it is a gift to have the opportunity to make that decision. I have been able to see right in front of my eyes that I am one step – one jump away from realizing my dreams.

I am incredibly grateful that I was able to meet Christophe. He was more than a coach to me from the beginning, a trusted person to whom I could open up completely. He has been with me throughout on my journey to my self without pressure or overwhelm. I deeply appreciate that I was able to have this experience. Thank you Christophe!