Steve Graf, Free Spirit

For the last 4 years of my life I have been suffering from a severe depression and it seems that nothing is going forward.

Of all the healers and kinesiologists and therapists I have visited, I can say that Christophe’s assessment has triggered by far the most in me. This probably has to do with the purity of his intention and his clarity.

It is unbelievable with what precision Christophe hits the nail on the head with his “intuition” and all this without any prior knowledge about me. It was as if he knew me all my life in the deepest detail and picked me up exactly where I am at the moment.

My inner critic could not resist for long the field that formed in the room and already an incredible atmosphere was created that let the information dock deep at the root of the problem.

In any case, I am able to manage now to keep the confidence even in difficult moments, which was not possible for me before.

What I could take with me from this day is priceless and I will never forget it. I am sure that everyone, no matter where they stand, will benefit maximally from a visit with Christophe.

Thank you Dear Christophe!