Anna Kohnke, Student

The conversation with Christophe changed my whole perspective on life. It didn’t happen all at once, but was a process and it still is. I have gained numerous insights and if I were to tell about them, I would have to write half a book about them. To put it briefly, my greatest epiphany was that we create our own reality and are therefore solely responsible for ourselves. If you really understand and internalize this sentence, you are halfway there. Because, although we have come to many realizations, the moment will come when we have to put them into practice. When you are about to jump, all the fears and doubts come up and you decide all by yourself whether to jump or not.

I realized that it is a gift to have the opportunity to make that decision. I have been able to see right in front of my eyes that I am one step – one jump away from realizing my dreams.

I am incredibly grateful that I was able to meet Christophe. He was more than a coach to me from the beginning, a trusted person to whom I could open up completely. He has been with me throughout on my journey to my self without pressure or overwhelm. I deeply appreciate that I was able to have this experience. Thank you Christophe!