Christophe Foro, Lawyer & Inspirational Leader

The life of Christophe Foro started on a fast track – as a lawyer and structurer in a major bank, as Deputy CEO in a company with global presence, then the establishment of a consulting company, always traveling in different countries – it could not have been more beautiful…so he thought at that time…. but then -.

When suddenly Christophe makes the acquaintance of a wise teacher and he dives into a world completely unknown to him, which has not let him go since then and fascinates him daily anew – his life changed radically.

One reads in books about the inner truth and the true greatness, one cannot imagine anything about it, until one dives into this world of unlimited possibilities: You suddenly gain access to your own mainframe, a gigantic cloud that leads you through all stages of life, into the greatest moments, but also into the deepest wounds and humiliations. One gets to the core of one’s own personality, checks out all strengths as well as fallible weaknesses.

Over the years, Christophe has succeeded through hard work to recognize all his fears and disturbing behavior patterns, to confess to them and thus to transform them. He had to let go of a lot, social prestige, material objects, but also his worldview that had been ironclad until then. And yet it was an incredible liberation for him. 

Since then, he has been helping people with incredible inspiration and enthusiasm to build a bridge between the world of the mind, which we all know all too well, and the world of unlimited possibilities, which still lies obscured for most people with a tenacious veil.

As a lawyer and entrepreneur, he has learned to recognize people’s needs and desires. As an inspirational leader he helps people to see behind the curtain of this spectacle, to show their own limited consciousness where the clear and successful path lies, to achieve their goals and visions more easily and consciously.


Master of Law, Switzerland
Master of Business Administration, Switzerland
Trust Management, England
Holistic Counseling, Netherlands
Transpersonal Coaching, Germany