Every day we think 60,000 thoughts. 5% run consciously, 95% unconsciously. So 95% of our thoughts are formed from our subconscious, where our thought and behavior patterns originate. These patterns are stored in our cells. These are disruptive programs that coordinate our life experiences. These mental self-sabotage programs make us act in the same pattern over and over again.

Our partner, our friends or professional colleagues give us the opportunity to recognize these patterns by triggering us or holding up a mirror to us. They ask us, so to speak, to reflect, to look inside ourselves, what disturbs us, what makes us sad, what makes us angry. These emotions want to show us something.

If we ignore these triggers and surrender to these sabotage programs, they prevent us from being successful, keep us insecure, and don’t really let us come into our power and fullest potential.

The assessment is the door opener, so to speak. We look behind the curtain of the spectacle. We go into the lion’s den where the root causes of our sabotage programs lie. This analysis finally allows us to see why we keep acting and reacting the same way. We now recognize and understand these programs.

In order to finally eliminated once and for all these disturbing programs, my life partner Yvonne Waldraff (www.silentpower.global) offers a cell reprogramming. These old imprints and cell information are deleted, decoded and transformed on the cell level. Thus, new, supportive as well as positive information is programmed.

We can now finally pursue our goals with an inner clarity and a new awareness and thus successfully realize our possibilities.